Bolognese dogs – their origin


Relatively only little is known about the origin of this breed, because even literature does not mention much on this breed. However, we assume that this breed originally comes from crossbreeding of Maltese dog with white dwarf poodle, after whom it took over the playful nature.

It is also known that they were highly valued due to their beauty and origin already in 11th and 12th centuries. Especially, they were popular in the renaissance period, where mainly the ladies from higher society were breeding these dogs. At that time the Bolognese dog belong to very highly valued gifts. For example, the King of Spain Philip II. thanked to the Prince von Este for two Bolognese dogs with the words that they are „the most royal gift, which is possible to give to the king“. The owners of famous names such as Marquees De Pompadour 1721 - 1764/ and Czarina Catherine the Great /1729 - 1796/ also increase the fame of the Bolognese dogs. The Austrian Czarina Maria Theresa also had the Bolognese dog, whom she loved very much so that after its death she got him prepared and it was then exposed in the Museum of Science in Vienna. The Bolognese dog was becoming the part of the royal houses where it was remaining as the best friend in good and bad times.

Many famous artists such as Pierre Breughel, Boss, Carpaccio, Goya and others drew the Bolognese dog on their paintings. The first notes on registered breed come from 1882 when the registry in Italy was established so that pedigree dogs can be recorded in it. The number of registered Bolognese dogs was reducing year after year in the period after World War II till 1979, when only 7 individuals were recorded in the whole Italy. Thanks to relentless effort of several breeders it was managed to safe this breed and therefore we can admire and love them even today.